Recording Covid Vaccinations administered abroad

Covid Vaccinations Abroad

This is to inform you of the issues surrounding the recording of your covid vaccinations that were administered abroad.

The systems that we use in the NHS, at the moment, do not have the ability for the surgery to add your overseas covid vaccinations to allow you to have access to a covid passport via the NHS app.   The way we have had to do this is just add your information on to the medical system we use.

We understand that some of you are now wondering about how to go about getting your boosters.  At the moment there is, as mentioned, no record of you having your initial course of vaccine and there have been many discussions with groups within this district and within NHS England on how this can be resolved.

A system was due to be in place at the beginning of October to allow patients to contact 119 to speak to them about this and they should have been able to check on the status of your vaccination via a sharing agreement within the NHS and then add your vaccines on to the national system.

Unfortunately, on the very first day this system failed and there have been daily updates about the progress, and I have to say that the first time the NHS is expecting this system to be running is now mid to late November.

As soon as I have more information concerning this issue, I will let you know, and should you wish to discuss this matter I work at the surgery Tuesday to Friday and would be happy to discuss this issue with you.

Please know that I check the information daily in the hope that we can assist you in this matter and we are not the only surgery looking for answers to this problem.

Angela Blowers

Assistant Practice Manager / Covid Admin Lead