Healthwatch Suffolk – Have you ongoing symptoms after contracting Covid-19?

There are an emerging number of people experiencing symptoms associated with the Covid19 virus long after the estimated twelve-week recovery period. Symptoms of Long Covid vary in type and severity and can have a huge impact on physical and mental wellbeing.

Perhaps you have not had Long Covid but have experienced other post viral illnesses or post viral fatigue syndrome which impacts on your daily life.

If you have had ongoing symptoms after contracting Covid 19 or other post viral illnesses we would like to hear about your experience so please use the feedback questionnaire by visiting

Responses from Waveney residents will be shared with Waveney Primary Care Networks. This information will help in assessing the long-term impact of the pandemic on people’s health and wellbeing. It may also provide an indication of people’s need for health services in the future.

Your participation is completely voluntary, your responses will be anonymous.

Thank you.