Frequently Asked Questions – Flu Vaccination Clinics 2021

Seasonal Flu vaccination Patient FAQ’s

What are the Saturday flu vaccination clinic booking arrangements this year?

As in 2020 we are allocating individual time slots to patients to ensure we maintain social distancing. Please arrive at the surgery no earlier than 5 minutes before your appointed time.

How will I be informed about flu vaccination clinics?

All eligible patients will either receive a text message or phone call from the surgery.  The text message should enable you to book an appointment slot of your choice on a Saturday morning clinic. If you are unable to book using this method, then please ring us after 8.30am after receiving your invitation and we will book a slot for you. (phone lines are very busy each day at 8am!)

I cannot attend the surgery on a Saturday. What alternative slots are available?

We will be providing mid- week appointments as an alternative.

I have mobility problems- do I still have to attend a busy Saturday flu vaccination clinic?

Please do not book a Saturday appointment slot.  We will provide an appointment for you during our normal opening hours or will arrange a visit for you.

What are your Saturday flu vaccination clinic dates?

Saturday 2 October from 8am – 2pm – FOR PATIENTS AGED 65 AND OVER ONLY

Saturday 16 October from 8am – 2pm – FOR PATIENTS AGED 65 AND OVER ONLY


Please do not come to these Saturday clinics unless you have a pre-booked appointment. Any patients that arrive without an appointment will not be seen.

I am an at-risk patient aged below 65.  Why do I have to wait until the end of October to receive my vaccination?

Whilst delivery of the vaccine for patients aged over 65 is due in early October delivery of the different vaccine for at risk patients aged under 65 will not be received until mid-October.  At risk patients will be able to book appointment slots for Saturday 23 October and for slots during mid- week from mid-October.

My child is due to receive the Fluenz nasal spray.  When can I book an appointment to receive this vaccination?

We are expecting delivery of the Fluenz nasal spray in early October.  A text message and / or a call from the surgery will be sent to eligible patients and an appointment will be made for the patient to be seen at surgery either on 23 October or in slots available during the week

What do I need to do when I arrive for a Saturday flu vaccine appointment?

  • Please ideally walk or cycle to the surgery by your appointed time. If bringing a car, you will be asked to park in back car park (front car park will be closed)
  • Please ensure you are wearing a face mask before you enter building
  • A member of staff will be based in the entrance lobby to check that no patients have Covid symptoms and assuming all is well patient will enter building.
  • A member of staff will ensure that patients are ‘checked in’ at the front door lobby
  • Patients will be asked to use hand sanitizer upon entering the building and will be directed to one of the 2 corridors where a GP/ nurse /clinician will be waiting to administer the vaccination.
  • Patients will be asked to stand at all times so that surfaces do not need to be constantly cleaned
  • After receiving the vaccination patients will be asked to exit the building via the back door which opens out to our rear car park.
  • There is no longer any requirement for patients to wait 20 minutes after receiving a vaccination (RCN Guidelines) unless clinician requests patient to do so.

I have heard that I am entitled to a flu vaccination as I am aged 55 with no health issues.

The government has announced that it plans to vaccinate all patients again this year within the 50 -64 age range.  However, this cohort of patients will not be invited to attend for an appointment until the ‘usual’ groups have been vaccinated.  We anticipate contacting patients in this age group in October.

I am due a shingles / pneumonia vaccination – can I have this done at the same time as my flu vaccination?

We will only be attending to flu vaccinations on Saturdays as we must keep to a strict timetable to ensure no patient queues develop and to preserve social distancing.  We will be contacting patients due a Shingles or other vaccination separately.

I have heard that a Covid booster vaccination will be available at the same time as my flu vaccination. Why can’t I have them at the same time?

In some clinical settings and if both vaccines are available Covid booster and seasonal flu vaccinations can be administered at the same time. However due to vaccine supply issues and the need to reduce patient queues this surgery will not be giving Covid booster jabs at the same time as the seasonal flu vaccine.

Patients who are due a Covid booster jab (normally 6 months after receiving a second dose) will be contacted with options to attend local vaccination centres (including the Kirkley Tudor centre).


Practice Manager

23 September 2021