Dr Akinbinu

We are pleased to announce that Dr Akinbinu is joining the surgery as a part-time GP partner as of 1 April.    At the same time Dr Stipp will move from being a full-time GP partner to become a part-time GP partner.

This means the surgery will have 3 Full-time GP partners (Drs Morrison, Yates and Feludu) and 3 part-time GP Partners (Drs Stipp, Williams and Akinbinu).

As a result of these changes it will be necessary to move some patients from the lists of Dr Stipp and Dr Williams to Dr Akinbinu to ensure patients continue to have good access to their named GP.  Therefore patients with the surnames A-C from Dr Stipp’s list and patients with the surnames P-Z from Dr William’s list will be transferred to Dr Akinbinu’s list – this change will happen in the week beginning 12 April.

The 3 part-time GP partners will be available in the surgery to see patients as follows: –

Dr Stipp – Appointment / Surgery days will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Dr Williams – Appointment / Surgery days will be Monday, Tuesday and Friday

Dr Akinbinu – Appointment / Surgery days will be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday